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Body Mind Yoga Cards are unique, beautiful, and functional aids to home practice. The cards help students explore the ancient wisdom of yoga through visualization, inspiration, and safe flows into and out of a basic set of yoga asanas. This practice helps keep students’ passion for yoga alive between classes.

You can read more about the Body Mind Yoga Cards using the links on the left. Yoga Cards can be purchased for $9.95 per set, online with PayPal.


Warrior II 
Virabhadrasana II 
Yoga Card

What is Included in a Set of Body Mind Yoga Cards?

Each of the 25 cards addresses three aspects of yoga:

  1. A graphic illustration of how to physically perform each asana
  2. A description of how to approach the flow of the pose with equanimity
  3. An inspirational cover to open the door to the spiritual aspect of the yoga asanas, four aspects of yoga
  4. A way to learn the Sanskrit names of the poses.

Warrior II 
Virabhadrasana II 
Yoga Card

25 Poses
The Body Mind Yoga Cards includes instructions for the following poses (asanas):

   1. Three-part breath
  2. Shoulder roll
  3. Supine one-legged stretch
  4. Bound angle
  5. Mountain
  6. Sun salute
  7. Tree
  8. Wide-Legged forward bend
  9. Warrior II
10. Triangle
11. Extended side-angle
12. Intense forward bend
13. Warrior I
14. King dancer
15. Shoulder stand
16. Downward-facing dog
17. Cobra
18. Locust
19. Bridge
20. Pose of the child
21. Boat
22. Head-to-knee pose
23. Sage twist
24. Passive shoulder stand
25. Corpse pose

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