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How Teachers Use Body Mind Yoga Cards

The Body Mind Yoga Cards provide an instructional aid to teachers for reinforcing and supplementing classroom practice. We designed the yoga cards to complement a basic course on yoga asanas.

We believe the primary benefit yoga teachers derive from using our yoga cards is they are proven effective in inspiring students to practice at home. For many students, this home practice motivates them to keep yoga as an integral part of their life. Through additional practice, students experience greater benefits from yoga and thus keep their passion for yoga alive between classes.

Classroom Aid
We also use the cards a different way at the Body Mind Awareness Yoga Center. We display the cards that cover the asanas to be taught that day. We’ve even made transparencies of some of the illustrations to hang in the windows. Hanging them during class is particularly helpful to those students who are more visually oriented. And since the cards show various stages of the asanas, students who have trouble with the final position can work at the stage best suited to them. Instead of spending so much time demonstrating, this also allows the teacher to give more attention to individual students.

Customize Students’ Home Practice
Teachers can also use the cards to suggest specific asanas for students to work on at home based on needs that show up in the classroom. We do this by providing students a numbered list of asanas contained in the Level-One set of cards and circling the number of the recommended pose for that student. Using the same method, teachers can quickly provide their students with the list of asanas covered in class that day. Used this way, students can attempt to duplicate their classroom experience at home.

Some students are working on specific problems that motivate them to practice yoga. As their yoga teacher, you can use the yoga cards to help them design a home practice that suits their particular needs. For example, they may not be able to complete all of the stages of a particular pose. You can use the yoga cards to show them how to advance into the pose as far as they feel comfortable. In so doing, they develop an awareness of both their limits and how far they can move those limits by practicing yoga.

Teachers’ Comments
Yoga teachers at the Body Mind Awareness Yoga Center who use the yoga cards have sent us the following comments:

"I find the spiritual quotes very inspiring. As I am teaching an asana I find myself repeating the quote to the students as a mantra."
Athena Flegas

"I finally found a way to motivate my students to start a home practice. They can’t wait to get their cards and begin."
Irene Clurman

"Each card inspires my students at the level of body, mind, breath and spirit." Sharon Staubach

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