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10 Reasons to Use Body Mind Yoga Cards

The following lists the top ten reasons why students use the Body Mind Yoga Cards for home practice.

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  1.  Best tool for helping you begin a yoga practice at home

  2.  Attractive, simple descriptions of yoga asanas

  3.  Easy to practice through simple visualization

  4.  User-friendly

  5.  Portable

  6.  Safe to use because they are designed for the average person

  7.  Start your day with a yoga affirmation taken from the yoga cards

  8.  Keeps your passion for yoga alive outside of the classroom

  9.  Supports meditative aspect of the ancient wisdom of yoga

  10.  Learn names of poses in English and Sanskrit by using them as flash cards. Since Sanskrit names of the asanas do not change in different yoga studios like the English versions do, you will know the names of the poses wherever you go.


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