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Make Ups & Other Policies 

The policies for making up missed and cancelled classes, refunds, and snow days at the Body Mind Awareness Yoga Studio are intended to encourage yoga students to take full advantage of their class registrations.

Making Up Missed Classes
If you happen to miss one of your regularly scheduled classes, you may make it up at any time during the same session by attending another class. Please call us at 303-674-6047 before you come to make sure there is space available in the class you want to attend. Or even better, let us know your schedule in advance, and we will mark you down on the schedule calendar.

Please notify us 24 hours in advance about missing classes in order to be eligible for a makeup class at a different time. We maintain this calendar so that your fellow students can, in turn, take advantage of your place in class.

If you call, please leave a message about which class you plan to attend, and we will mark you down on the schedule. If the class you requested is full, we will call you back to let you know that you are on a wait list for that class. We will notify you immediately when space opens up for that class. If you do not hear from us, you have a confirmed spot in the class you requested.

Please note that missed classes cannot transfer to another person or carry over to another session.

Refunds for Dropping Out of Classes
If you are forced to drop out of yoga class due to a family emergency, an injury which would prohibit you from practicing yoga, please confer with Studio Director Athena Flegas to see if a portion of your registration may be applied to the next scheduled session. In this case, a cancellation fee of $15 plus a $15 drop-in fee for each class prior to date of notification will be subtracted from your registration fee, and the balance will be credited to the next class session.

Snow Policy
The Body Mind Awareness Yoga Studio is located in a rural area of the Rocky Mountain foothills west of Denver, where it is not uncommon to receive more than a foot of snow—and sometimes much more—in a single winter storm. On rare days when Jefferson County has closed local schools due to heavy snowfall and has not plowed the roads above Evergreen High School, we also cancel classes to avoid potential safety problems on the roads.

If the yoga studio is closed due to heavy snow, we will record an announcement on the voice mail message at 303-674-6047. If there is no message, please assume we are having classes even though it is snowing. However, please use your best judgment about road condition before you drive. If you cannot come to class on snowy days, please remember that you can make up the class at a different time.

If a yoga class is canceled due to heavy snow, each student affected will receive a make-up credit. If the cancelled class occurred during the first half of the session, you may make it up any time during the current session. If the cancelled class occurred during the second half of the session, you may make it up any time during the current session or carry it over to the next calendar session.

Make-up Dancer
The makeup policy at the Body Mind Awareness Yoga Studio allows students to obtain the most value from their class registrations.

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